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over 35 years of experience!

The roots of OPEN date back to 1986 from TECNO CONTROL

The roots of OPEN date back to 1986, when the entrepreneur Mario Montanaro founded his first company for the promotion, sale and maintenance of machine tools, TECNO CONTROL.

In a few years TECNO CONTROL consolidated a fleet of over 1200 machines installed and serviced in the regions of Piemonte, Liguria and Valle d'Aosta, and became exclusive dealer of excellence brands such as MORI SEIKI, DMG MORI and HAAS.

Since 1986, a reference point for all its customers and for the entire world of machine tools

Years of history
Machines sold
Turnkey solutions
Automated production islands

After the first years of selling stand-alone machine tools, the entrepreneur realizes that it’s necessary to provide added value, such as performance and services that support the customer in achieving maximum production efficiency.

TECNO CONTROL, from this moment, works side by side with Customers not only for Machine sales and service, but also to provide turnkey solutions composed of feasibility studies, cycle times, clamping tools and automations with the guarantee of the quality and quantity of production obtained.

In particular, for the 1200 machines sold and serviced, TECNO CONTROL provided more than 500 turnkey solutions and more than 50 automated production islands completely designed, built and installed with full customer satisfaction, significantly contributing to the spread of process automation.

The service department, managed by highly qualified technicians , besides the normal activity has always dealt with the customization of standard machines according to the customers’ specific needs.

Thanks to the constant support to customers and to results obtained, TECNO CONTROL became increasingly appreciated for the quality of services provided and for the level of competence, preparation and dedication of all the staff.

TECNO CONTROL thus becomes a point of reference for all acquired customers and for the entire machine tool sector.

OPEN's birth

Open, a reference point for the entire world of machine tools

The passion for mechanics, combined with the desire to undertake new challenges of a group of people with proven experience in the machine tool world, created the conditions for the birth of OPEN in the beginning of 2020. OPEN aims to design and manufacture excellent machine tools "made in Italy", as well as to provide services of turnkey, automation, maintenance and sale of used machine tools.

OPEN is developing machine tools with excellent mechanical, structural and electronic features. High-accuracy and high-speed machines, up to 5 axes controlled simultaneously, of which 3 linear and 2 rotary, managed by top-of-the-range numerical control with advanced operator interfaces, designed to be included in Industry 4.0 projects.

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Open, a reference point for the entire world of machine tools.