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Open Automation and turnkey

The Automation sector

Automation is becoming the foundation of modern manufacturing, whether it's a complete solution for high-volume production or enslaving the single machine of a workshop, but some manufacturers still think that automation is expensive and complicated.

The lower availability of skilled labor and the continue attention to cost containment have always been the main reason for relying on automation, however today the focus is mainly on increasing the quality and flexibility in the production process.

Automated lines are created for the execution of repetitive or complex operations, but also where safety and certainty of action are required. Additionally, industrial automation can make the production line safe for employees using robots to handle dangerous conditions.

OPEN proposals

The complete offer of our products, and the competent support in the design of applications, allow us to design, build and install systems from single automation solutions to the main customized turnkey platforms, and to propose ourselves as a single supplier.

If you are looking for a partner, OPEN can offer you solutions to maximize production, from the project to the turnkey construction of your new automated line.

Over the years our company has provided, in collaboration with some of the most important machine tool manufacturers, engineering solutions and complete services for companies in sector like automotive, aerospace, textile, energy, medical, earthmoving, sanitary taps and valves, creating effective systems for the optimization of production processes.

from the project to the turnkey construction of your new automated line

"Turnkey" solutions

To meet the production needs of our customers, we have developed turnkey solutions and robotic cells to automate the production process with the handling of the pieces, the automatic loading / unloading of the machines, using advanced technologies such as anthropomorphic robots, vision systems, lines of pallet transport, palletizing/depalletizing systems, in-process integration of measuring machines with feedback for a quality guarantee of the finished product on machine tool

Our offer includes:

  • Cycle studies with detailed calculation of processing times
  • Feasibility studies with guarantee on quality and quantity of the production obtained
  • Turnkey solutions with a guarantee on quality and quantity of production required
  • Study for the automation of the work process and quality control
  • Automation of the production process and quality control, with automated interlocking of loading / unloading and handling of pieces by anthropomorphic robots and systems on beams
  • Definition of the tool sheets and supply of them
  • Design and construction of mechanical or hydraulic clamping equipment, enslaved to the machines
  • Programming, work tests and production start-up
  • Production start-up with turnkey supplies of complex parts
  • At the customer's request, acceptance of the turnkey line according to CP or CPK protocol

Some example of our automated lines, machine enslaving and turnkey solutions

Automated production island for pin processing
Dayco automated production island layout
Automated production island for pin processing

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