Vertical Machining Center Auctor 643

Auctor 643 is a CNC vertical machining Centre, figured, designed, engineered and manufactured in Italy by Open srl.

During the design phase the structure was submitted to FEM analysis, that allowed a precise study of the basement reaction in case of very high accelerations.

The machine, entirely made of seasoned cast iron, has a bridge structure particularly rigid for the highest accuracy machining.

Auctor 643 Vertical Machining Center. Open

Auctor 643

  • Designed and made in Italy
  • Up to 30 tools HSK-A63
  • Machine kinematics is completely isolated from the work area


The table lodged under the Gantry structure allows to have all the machine kinematics completely isolated from the work area, avoiding to be exposed to chips and coolant.

Thanks to its acceleration, Auctor 643 is particularly suitable for sectors where execution speed and accuracy are in first place.

The machine has been designed to be easily served with manual loading in the front side, with an anthropomorphic robot both frontally and sideways, or with an innovative loader totally designed and developed by Open.

The tool magazine lodged inside the machine is completely isolated from the work area, and allows to house up to 30 tools HSK-A63. Access to the Tool magazine is through a side door that allows the operator to easily equip the machine.

The linear axes’s screws, respectively 50 mm, pitch 25 on Y axis, 32 mm pitch 10 for Z axis and 32 mm pitch 20 for X axis, together with the 35 mm linear guides and ball bearing runners, give to the machine highly superior rigidity compared to main competitors.

Auctor 643 was born as a 3-axis machining Center but, thanks to its design and the latest generation control Fanuc 0i-MF Plus, it can be easily implemented with a 4th axis, or 4th and 5th axis continuous rotary table, totally managed by the numerical control.

The proposed range of spindles, entirely built in Italy, allows the customer to configure the machine according to his machining and material requirements.

All our spindles have the possibility to be predisposed for the high pressure coolant passing through (up to 70 Bar).

Open can offer to its customers also external high-pressure coolant pumps up to 70 Bar, with self-cleaning filtration systems and without the aid of paper, completely studied, designed and manufactured internally. This allows the customer to have a single supplier for all production needs and a single interface for after-sales assistance.

All the internal casing is made of stainless steel, the washes of the work area and the chip conveyor have been designed to allow optimal evacuation of the chips.

Furthermore, thanks to the stainless steel shield placed behind the spindle, the work area remains totally isolated from all electronics, motors, guides and tool magazine, allowing all sensitive and moving parts to be always protected from chips and from coolant.

Auctor 643 APC

with rotary pallet changer

Auctor 643 has been designed and built also with a front rotary pallet changer, this allows the machine to be equipped in masked time both manually and with robotic loading.

This solution significantly increases the productivity of the machine, minimizing spindle stop for machine tool setup, or loading/unloading of the parts to be machined.

The pallet changer system can have both hydraulic and pneumatic connections directly on the pallet, allowing the clamping of automatic equipment and dividers.

The rotopallet system has been designed to be perfectly integrated into the machine, guaranteeing great reliability and repeatability of positioning in a small-size ground layout.

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La macchina realizzata completamente in ghisa stagionata ha una struttura a ponte particolarmente rigida per lavorazioni di precisione di altissima qualitĂ